Boat Handling, Boat Speed, Tactics – A Day with Andrew Kerr

I tell my clients that testifying well starts with listening well. Listen, really listen, to the question. I suspect that North U teacher Andrew Kerr might say that sailing well starts with observing well. That is, observing everything well. Boat preparation pre-race checklists,, weather, currents, geography, boat handling, sail trim…His seminar on Performance Racing Tactics at the Phoenix College of Law was simply outstanding. My only regret was that the sun went down and there was no time to sail. (Joining Andrew and Mike and Maryellen Ferring for dinner was the next best thing.) Andrew imparted so much useful information that the unintended consequence for me was a fear that I might forget even a sentence of it; any one of his comments, applied in practice, would make any sailor a better racer. So during a break, I went to my car, brought my laptop back to the classroom, and took notes. And asked questions. And took notes on the answers. If I had only paid that much attention when I was in school…

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