Do, Re, Mi(thinks it’s getting windy) and the Beaufort Scale

My friend Mike Ferring sent to me a copy of the Beaufort Scale. I often have read, but never become familiar with, that scale. (Unless a scale starts with Do, Re, Mi…I probably will not remember the nuances.)

Speaking of the effects of wind on the water, I left work “early” today (4:45), picked up the Sunfish, spars, trailer, etc. at home and arrived at Silverbell Lake at 6. I stood behind the trailer, which was poised at the launch ramp, and contemplated the premature darkness to the east.

There was lightning in 3 directions and a veil of rain in the middle.  Although the weather was probably 10, maybe even 15 miles away, I recalled my last unintentional foray into heavy desert weather sailing when the Sunfish, daggerboard down, started planing toward shore after the front of the monsoon blasted in from behind me. I decided to head home. No sooner did I turn onto Silverbell Road than the greasewood and mesquites along the way adopted sideways postures. A flag that serves as an informal anemometer looked starched it was so stiff. A front of near Biblical darkness loomed across my path home. I wondered if the trailer would blow around like a telltale. It was amazing how fast and hard the weather arrived.

The moral of this story? The next time, I need to leave work earlier.

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