If you raise a sail on a boat and there is no wind to fill it, does the boat make a sound…

No, but the people on the sailboats drifting in the neighborhood of the Committee Boat, under a sun that is straddling the difference between warm and hot, laugh at a joke that can’t be heard across the water, call out “You’re really moving” to the boat languishing a pole’s length away, and cause the water to gasp with a splash when they jump over the side into the late October liquid that has been cooling for weeks at night when nobody is watching, when nobody is there to listen.

So, that, ladies and gentlemen, is the news from Lake Pleasant, the lake that wind forgot…

No photos today. After all, a photo of a sailboat racing, its rail in the water, its crew hiking, its mast responding to the geometry of force, is a photograph of the wind. There was none of that today.

Not a problem. There’s always tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m sitting in the cabin of Sloop Dogg listening to soca, listening to Bob Marley, listening for something I hope I’ll be able to race in and photograph tomorrow.

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