Maiden Voyage

shapeimage_4Call me Chris.

My daughter Hadley took this photo while we were sailing on Lake Pleasant on December 27, 2006. I was on the windward rail. My son Nick was at the tiller. My wife Ann was napping in the cabin. After working our way to the north end of the lake, Sloop Dogg sailed closehauled south in a steady breeze from Horse Island on a single starboard tack to the marina. It was a perfect day.

I’ve had a lot of those days. On my boat. On others’ boats.  Cruising. Racing. Anchored. In a slip. On the Chesapeake. On the Hudson. On San Diego Bay. On Lake Pleasant and, more recently, Tempe Town Lake.

I figured it’s time to start keeping track of where I’ve been, who was there, and where we’re going. I hope you’ll join me.  There’s room in the Sloop.

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