Road Side Shrines on the way back from San Carlos 11/3/08

Meanwhile, on the way back from San Carlos…It’s never too late, or too soon, to pray for wind.

Road side shrines are not uncommon in the Southwest, but are prevalent along the roads in Mexico. They are highly personal testaments by family and friends to loved ones who lost their lives along the highway. They can also can be a place to light a candle, leave an offering and say a prayer for a person, a soul, or anything else that could benefit from divine intervention.

I took these shots from the front passenger seat of Rob Weaver’s station wagon, through the windshield, out my open window, and in a few cases, over my shoulder and through a back window. I don’t now have the time to edit them so let’s just say they look the way they would if somebody pointed and said, “There’s another one.” You look and then it’s behind you, but not the memory.

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