Tucson Sailing Club Fall Regatta San Carlos, Sonora 11/1/08-11/2/08

My first time sailing in San Carlos and it was outstanding. Thanks to Peter Burgard for the invitation and to Peter and Judy for their indefatigable hospitality. Thanks also to Rob Weaver for driving and to Brad Young for being good company in both directions.
The only problem (though I wouldn’t call it that) was Peter let me drive Bandito so much during both days of racing that I had no time to take photos during the races. Fortunately, Brad Young provided photos that Rob Weaver took with his camera and I downloaded others that somebody took and posted. I credited Rob Weaver with the photos he took. I don’t know who took the other sailing photos. My photos below are largely my impressions of San Carlos, with a few pre-race photos taken before I had to start paying attention. Sorry if it seems there are more birds than in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Then again, like sailors, they know something about being airborne.

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