Sleep Dogg

IMG_1885Drove to Phoenix Monday morning, attended two depositions, returned to Tucson. Drove to Phoenix Tuesday afternoon, met a client at the airport, flew with him to Crescent City, California. Took the deposition of plaintiff’s expert witness Wednesday morning, flew back back to Phoenix, drove to the lake, and slept on Sloop Dogg. That’s the short story. If you really want to know, I was sitting in the cockpit, eating microwaved clam chowder when I heard a duck in the channel off the stern. Without much thought, I threw a piece of my Italian bread over the transom and, in short order, a duck convention convened. Or at least that’s the ornithological label I applied to the sundry aquatic fowl gathered off my stern. I managed a few photos of the assembled diners (See the Fowl Play photos by going to the link on the photo page.)

Thursday morning, I hauled the kayak off the deck and went for my first solo voyage. (An inappropriately lofty term for my spin around the marina, into the lake, and along the outside of the “island” that runs parallel to the north half of the breakwater when the lake level is low.) Adopting, and adapting to, the sailboat lifestyle at my age after various introductions and dalliances means I am continuing to experience various “firsts.” When that means I can kayak instead of lifting weights in the morning, it adds another dimension to living in the desert.

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