Mr. Sailboat

And this from the “It doesn’t happen every day” department at Sloop Dogg Sailing: After I beached my Sunfish at Silverbell Lake today, a mother, with her daughter in hand, son and husband a few steps behind, approached and said, “Mr. Sailboat, Thank you for sailing. Our kids were entertained the whole time you were out there.” I hadn’t capsized, snagged fishing lines, or provoked anything more than unhappy honking by the geese in my path. It was simply a beautiful, breezy warm afternoon, and these kids had seen a sail fill and boat glide over the water for the first time. The girl even did an energetic “puff on” pantomime of driving, trimming and hiking. After a few questions, there were more thank you’s and handshaking. Mr. Sailboat… That made my day.

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