LP Races 1&2 9/27/08 & 9/28/08 – X Marks the Course

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Photo: Chrisann Tortora

Light air and a long, twice around course meant the time limit had expired before we crossed the finish line in the one race on Saturday. I assumed, based on the time since the race winner had motored past us, heading south toward the marina, our finish would be TLE, but I wanted to finish anyway. It took the last boat that finished before time expired 2 hours and 41 minutes to cross the line. We had been on the course even longer and the late afternoon heat and the lack of apparent wind on the downwind finish had me sweating as if I had come down with malaria. No vaccination would have helped. The only cure was to finish.

As we ghosted through the finish line, someone on the RC boat confirmed that the time limit had expired. I responded that we finished as a matter of principle. Those assembled on the RC boat, led by Mike Parker, cheered. I suppose the time limit never expires on principle.

As always, Rick Johnson’s meal was superb and it was good to see sailors I hadn’t seen since last spring. Tom, a Tucson sailor on a Merit 25 this season, gave us a few recommendations for setting the whisker pole. Later, with the breeze cooling the night air, Peter Burgard and Rob Weaver slept in the cockpit.

On Sunday, with our team work improving every race, we finished 5th, 3rd, and 4th. Peter became Sloop Dogg’s Flip Videographer on Sunday and captured some of the action. It was a great weekend and the drive back to Tucson went quickly. With the new North genoa and mainsail yet to arrive, I looked forward the next racing weekend.

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